About Our Club

The really neat thing about playing flyball is that all types of dogs and people can thoroughly enjoy the sport, no matter who they are or where they are in their lives.

This brings us to a Texas team known as the Texas Twisters. There were a wide array of dog and people types.  The one commonality between the two is that they all wanted to PLAY FLYBALL!!! So, together coming from Kingwood to Hempstead, from South of Houston all the way to Conroe, north of Houston, they came together to form a club that would be run with a team concept in mind and tried to locate as centrally as they could. With that in mind, they began practicing near Conroe at a college campus.

The coming together of these ideas began to take focus in Deer Park, Texas, at a tournament in November, 2003. The last tournament that was held with the name High Voltage was March 6, 2004, in Conroe, Texas. Texas Twisters became officially Club #642 and competed for the first time on June 26, 2004 at the Fairgrounds in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Since that time our club boundaries have expanded from Bryan/College Station down to Belleville and back across to the east. Even though people have come and gone this club is still dedicated to the things that brought it together initially: the enjoyment of the sport, team competition, and the friendships we’ve all made through the years. Whether we have one or five teams competing the Texas Twisters crew certainly knows how to compete and have fun too.

-Dee Milligan, May 2007


The Texas Twisters Flyball Club currently practices at:

The Flyball Academy of The Woodlands

14202 E. Horseshoe Bend, Conroe, Tx 77384



Practice times vary depending on the time of year. Check with your Team contact for practice time



For a list of all tournaments in our region, visit the NAFA Region 5 Online website